Toyota Prius Battery

Toyota Prius Battery Repair Options

While the Toyota Prius is widely renowned as a quality hybrid vehicle, eventually your Prius battery will break down. It will likely be after your Prius is a number of years old, but once it happens you'll need to weigh your options carefully. If you are contemplating repairing your old Prius battery, here are your options:

Rebuild Your Prius Battery: Surprisingly enough, many Prius owners, especially those with older models, have managed to repair their own battery systems. Generally, you will need a variety of hand tools along with some other materials that can be obtained from eBay and other sites. You will need an instructional guide, which costs around $50, and the time, effort, and materials to repair your Prius battery weighs in around $500 when all is said and done. This is certainly a more labor intensive route, but also your most inexpensive option at the end of the day.

Take it to a Dealer: Toyota dealerships are capable of performing repairs on most Prius batteries, and if the battery does not need to be replaced this is your most reliable option. Older models will likely need a full battery replacement, however, which costs around $4,000 USD.

Purchase a Refurbished Battery: Auction sites like eBay often have fully functional Prius batteries listed for about half the price of what you would pay for a new one. Be cautious, though, as it can be hard to gauge the quality of work done on a refurbished battery and always be sure to get your battery from a reputable seller.