Toyota Prius Battery

Toyota Prius Recall: What You Need to Know

The 2010 Prius

It's been a worrisome couple of months for Toyota owners. The reports of massive recalls and unexpected accelleration issues are certainly something to be taken seriously and if you're a Prius owner you'll likely want to know how this affects your car and whether you should still be driving it. First of all it's improtant to remember that current issues aside Toyota will do what it has to in order to make proper changes and get everyone's Toyota back on the road without worry. With that said, here are the issues that Toyota has released so far and how they affect the Prius specifically.

The first issue you've probably already heard of is the Floor Mat Recall. This issue has affected the 2004 to 2009 Prius models, and you can check your VIN here if you think you need to bring it in to your local dealership. Toyota suggests that the owners of these vehicles remove the floor mats and not to replace them until they've been brought in for service. Dealer personnel will be able to reconfigure your accelerator pedal so that the floor mat will not get caught and cause it to potentially stick.

Now if you're a 2010 Prius owner you are not affected by the floor mat recall, but you may still want to bring your vehicle in for service. According to Toyota, the anti-lock brake system in the 2010 Prius engages and disengages in rapid succession. This results in "inconsistent" braking that can be stopped by pressing firmly on the brake pedal. If you're experiencing this issue you can take your Prius in for a simple software update.

We'll continue to keep you updated with more details as they come to light. Until then, drive safely!